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Elements of a Web site

Name - called a Domain Name

In order for folks to find you on the internet you need your own special name. That name is called a domain name. Domain names are the .com, .us, .net names that are in the "address" line on your web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, etc.).

See domain name guide for more information about domain names

The domain name for this web site is web-design-cornwall.co.uk


Storage space - a web host

This is a place for your web page to be stored.

When some one enters your domain name in the address line on their web browser they are directed to a storage space to access information that is pointed to by that domain name.

In order for you to have information available for someone to access you need a web host. They supply you with storage space for the information you want people to see when they access your domain name. This is very similar to you accessing information on your computer by entering, or clicking on, a directory name.

Your pages, the pictures you use, the graphics or art work you use, are all stored with your web host. They are accessed very similarly to the way you access information on your computer but they are on another computer that is part of the world wide web.


Web Page Information - the information for your web page

The information that is accessed has a format to it. Basically that format is HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). There are some programming languages that are used also, but the basic shell of all web pages is HTML. This HTML is stored in the space that your web host supplies you and accessed via your domain name and file name extensions. When you access a web page using your "browser", information is downloaded to your computer and is translated by your browser. The translation of the web page information causes your browser to display text, and photos, or execute other programs based on the content of the web page information that can show movies, play music and do lots of neat things.


Design and Development

This includes layout, design, graphics, interfaces and search engine optimisation

A good web page design includes the proper wording and keyword layout (search engine optimisation) so that your web page is found when search engines look around (crawl) the web for information.

And you want it found when folks search on information that relates to you and/or your products. The search engines build lookup tables and when someone enters a search criterion into a search engine (like Google) they display the results based on what they found.

A good web page design tells your story clearly and simply and covers all the facts you need covered to get your job done.

And then of course it should look nice. Modify your photos so they are a good size for web page viewing (not too big or too small), supply graphics, and produce your web pages.

So there you go, at a basic level this is all there is to it.

You need a name, space to store your information, and someone to create the information in a format that the internet community can read.